BBC – Supernatural Science – Previous Lives (English)

BBC – Supernatural Science – Previous Lives (English)


jerrijayne says:

there is something we just have to put the pieces together

jerrijayne says:


Gordie Howe says:

Dude! You just invented my new favorite curse word!

Harry Ahmed says:


bec1972 says:

It’s amusing how definite these ‘men of science’ are with their interpretations. They say “feeling the emotional experience is not proof it happened” and yet seem unable to take the same approach to their work; just because you can draw a conclusion doesn’t confirm it as a fact. One actually says “there is no mechanism through which a discarnate soul could enter a brain”. As if they could possibly KNOW that as a hard cold fact!

101N1 says:

Other planets maybe? It’s estimated that there are hundreds of billions of galaxies in the universe. Chances are there are other beings out there. I don’t see why it couldn’t be possible for souls to jump between different planets which could account for the influx on our own.

thang tran van says:

to understand a culture dont difficult………………..everybody was born have equal, freedom.happy

Vierotchka says:

It doesn’t work that way. Animal and insect souls reincarnate into higher forms in their realm as they develop and grow spiritually. Eventually, an animal from the highest forms of animals will incarnate into a human when its spiritual development cannot grow further in the animal form.

Vierotchka says:

Since babyhood I have very graphic memories of several violent deaths. What is interesting is that there never was any fear attached to them.

Sophia Liander says:

Maybe it’s any soul – animal, mosquito, etc, that reincarnates.

Sophia Liander says:

I have dreamt that I have been everything between an old man standing on an acre, to a warrior in Afganistan.

AmiMomami says:

What makes you think Earth is the only planet in the universe for/with souls?

nuggetwetyou says:

If reincarnation is true, it’s about recycling souls? But where are extra souls coming from, as global populations increase? 80 years ago the population was 2 Billion. Today it’s 7 billion. So where did those extra 5 billion souls come from? I’m not trying to be picky, I’m genuinely curious so any thoughts would be appreciated. 🙂

Paulina Cohen says:

I feel the same way……..

Gary Sharpe says:

I can’t wait for THIS life to be a past life. :/

Jonathan Sullivan says:

Ecclesiastes 1 & 6

RainVine says:

I was a ducky.

TheCrowMurder64 says:

agreed such stupid doctors…people with higher electrical proprieties can make better connections? no shit i agree we live in stupid days

RoboticAlbino says:

I remember everything of my past life, as if I have never died at all.

mysweet200819 says:

PastLife can be call here, in Cambodia only assist by a person who have skill. And we do have course in temple, or by particular person who just like Mr Roger Woolger in this documentary does. But some children automatically remember those past life My youngest sister told her past life experiences when she start to speak and it is much to the particular event and name of places. not only my youngest sister but my niece as well. I often dream about future and it’s shock me when it happen.

Vinay Hunsewraj says:

all these scientists are bullshitters , they know nothing , they themselves don’t know what is the truth , no 1 will , the only way they know what will happen after death if they experience death themselves. they are spreading lies to the people to suit themselves.

uglymotherfuckerkid says:


TotalKaosE says:

My only contribution to the possibility of this is the following;
organ transplants have been shown to lead the recipients toward a lifestyle of the original owner of the organ. This could be due to memories and information being stored in DNA, or molecules. If a person were to recieve a certain percentage of the molecules of a dead person the same scenario could apply.
Quantum Mechanics would support this possibility.

Dawn Threader says:

I read once by a pastor
that if God wanted you to live again I guess you would ?

kritim25 says:

if you study anything outside he box, you will see the evidence for yourself, try a hypnotic regression . No offence to your religion. but people can’t conform their experiences to suit books or even the extent of science and its ignorant to invalidate other people’s experiences based on your own narrow understanding of the world

dothedeed says:

I know, right.

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