Awesome Ghost Box Responses! Proof of Afterlife! (Solo Ghost Hunter)

Awesome Ghost Box Responses! Proof of Afterlife! (Solo Ghost Hunter)

My deceased uncle came through during a ghost box session at Royal Roads University in Victoria B.C. Canada. Please Subscribe and thank you for watching. 🙂



Wes Brown says:

Thank you for the positive feedback. 🙂

FilthCrow says:


Scarlet Reaper says:

Hey Wes, that’s touching. I hope I contact family members when I start mine
very soon. Keep up the good work and look out for me 🙂

Wes Brown says:

After thinking about it more in the following days, I’m sure it was him. He
responded immediately and seemed eager to come through. I definitely felt
energy around me and shivers when he said Rob, Hi, Wes and love you all in
a row. I also think it was his voice that said Yep. Thanks for the comment.

angelinthedark5 says:

Seems your uncle is at peace, he said love you a few times. I think you
would of gotten different replies if he wasn’t. Amazing evidence, great job.

kurt sille says:

wow that was amazing

Cindy S says:

Have you thought of trying your ghost box out anywhere else, like Nanaimo
maybe…? Could be interesting….

Megamanexe says:

That was cool you got him through. Although seem like the other spirits,
were also trying to get your attention at the time ^^;

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