ATHEIST PROFESSOR IN HELL! Best testimony EVER! HELL NDE. Amazing! Howard Storm. Interview 2010

ATHEIST PROFESSOR IN HELL!  Best testimony EVER! HELL NDE. Amazing! Howard Storm. Interview 2010

Former professor Howard Storm on the “Heaven & Hell Night” with hosts Matt & Laurie Crouch in Costa Mesa, CA.



NarGuilhermeReal says:

I LOVE God, nothing else matters dude <3

RyanNeville69 says:

Amen brother! I love Jesus.

RyanNeville69 says:

God Bless, I love Jesus!

Yah Langah says:

@PilotPauli You are lost oh blind ignorant drone n you have pride thats what your comment says so hellawaits you n dont come running bak to God wen you had your chnace RIGHT NOW … peace

henf5671 says:


nothingfeelstgood says:

BERKLEY!!!!! WOO lol..

kawaiikia302 says:


eddy19922 says:

I love God 🙂

striker091086 says:

Preach The Truth God is Good< I also speak from experience Follow him and be a warrior ;)

Rhymer3 says:

@Kingarthur13th but by that time it will be too late

banangem says:


ursulaann zaid says:

i saw dis dude on tv twice lol i bet it scared d shit out of him Lol x

Precious Adeyemi says:

im glad, That God saved him, He such a sweet person.

TheSupermansBabygirl says:

Woow , before this video im not ganna lie i was a die hard atheist and it seemed as if nothingg would really have changed my mind about it . But this has changed things and made it seem different . And if there really is a heaven or hell im positive id rather go to hell . We wont know untill we die but it doesnt hurt to try for a chance and believe

sonnywolves says:

awesome testimony

MzLoathsome says:


TimpBizkit says:

It’s hard to imagine this world and everything around it as just a giant matrix. Whether these spiritual places are elsewhere in the physical universe, or in another dimension….

MrBashdeezy says:


C13SKY says:

choosing none is choosing

C13SKY says:


scrunchfaceable says:

watch Mary K Baxter’s Divine Revelation of Hell. Jesus has saved me, I’m so glad I didn’t die when I was backslidden in lust. If any of you want to be free from sexual addiction/lust/porn addiction/masturbation etc check out .p orn-free. org
WhatEVER the Lord tells you to do, do it. He is soooo beautiful! And He’s coming back. The Gospel has pretty much been PREACHED in ALL NATIONS, which means He truly can come at any time. B ready for Him

Paul Martin Remme says:

I believe in myself. I can do anything I want. I dont need no God nor Jesus to “help” me. And anything I do will cause consequences, I have never experienced otherwise.

flushy2009 says:

Are god is a awesome god

CountryMusicRadio7 says:

Jesus, please help my best friend find this video :,( please pray for my friend to receive Jesus. I’ve been trying for 3 years, but I feel like I need fellow christians to help. Love you all, brother and sisters (in Christ) 😀

ParksTrailer says:

How cocky, says people without god are ‘worthless.’ I’m sure that’s what Jesus was teaching, to judge and talk down to people just because they have different beliefs.

Sdr1984 says:

It is interesting that in many negative near death experiences people escape hell by praying to the Lord Jesus (there was also one where the guy saw hell and didn`t pray, he just woke up without seing heaven)…which means that there is an escape…although many christians say that when you are in hell you are trapped forever and it is too late. Maybe people go to hell for exactly this effect: To see that Jesus is salvation.

spplus5 says:

Honestly, this is no laughing matter. Its real talk. I pray that someone is touched by this video. Jesus is REAL!

ColtonT66 says:

Matching ties. So cool. hah I love hearing stuff like this. I love my God. Jesus is my Savior!

KingArthur13th says:

I’m Agnostic and i’m going to stay that way until god comes down here and says otherwise.

tpvalley says:

but if this man was saved from hell and didnt believe then it makes little difference if u are forgiven does it?
because every person believes in god after they see him.

4455315 says:

he got lucky yhat he came back. normally u cannot be saved if you dont repent befor dieing

4455315 says:

not yet revelations has to happen first

1NationUnder1God3in1 says:

He wasn’t mean, I loved his passion when he said “it’s about time you got Straightened up!!” Some people need that and I heard the tough love in it! =^D

LtColomboLAPD says:

I used to be an atheist and an agnostic and I felt completely lost!!!
Now I’ve found Jesus Christ, or better, He found me and now I’m so happy and filled with his love!!!

ncwdane says:

I’m Glad I didnt have to go to hell to get saved
But I did see spiriyual places & saw 1,000 Demons looking into thire souls of there elluminating faces & they were in some sorta trans meditation for me,I believe to pocess me, but I’m not 100% sure on that part, & I got save about a month later

sunflower427 says:

In the 35 years that I’ve been saved, I have never seen a more sincere person! God Bless you my brother! I know we shouldn’t base our Christian walk on sensationalisms and only think of the prize called “Eternity in Heaven ” and that we should focus on the prize giver “Jesus”, but it sure does help to hear testimonies about the reality of Heaven and Hell! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story!

mreinstein48 says:

Very courageous man ; he is so humble now. Thank’s Lord

Rennat456 says:

No one can prove or disprove God’s existence. I’m not putting my faith into either side. I’m staying agnostic.

AdamPurskiMusic says:

I want to say I believe in God. He is who I look up to when I need help. I pray to my family, friends, relatives and people around the world. In my life, I know I denied Him, but I do not now. I love Him with all my heart like the love I gave to my family, friends, relatives and people around the world.

DeeDee4Him says:

The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God. Psalm 14

Beun007 says:

So, conclusion: hell exists. That’s correct. So, if hell exists then heaven exists and is God. Why are those people who experienced hell not believers? That is contradictory!

celso87573 says:

read romans 2:12

n3m3sis03 says:

He’s a bible thumping zealot.

cosmin619 says:

Jesus Christ is LORD!!!

zzap999 says:

When a former atheist is crying to God like that you know he saw something.

yesiamanalien says:

Bless this man. He has it figured out at last. Of all the videos I’ve seen, this has so much emotion, so much love. Inspiring because so few have this love and fewer still help to spread it.

GooglFascists says:

182 people are like Howard BEFORE he experienced hell.
Lord Jesus, do whatever it takes to bring these 182 and
all the others who now doubt You to the TRUTH of Your
saving grace. In Your most Holy name Jesus, Amen.

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