Atheist Converts to Christianity Testimonies

Atheist Converts to Christianity Testimonies

Atheist Converts to Christianity Testimonies view more proof at Atheist Converts to Christianity Testimonies One of the most powerful testimonies of hell that anyone…



AnanymousGamer says:

From a quick glance at the comments, and from seeing some of the video, it
would seem that a great many people here not only have no concept of what
Atheism is, but further that you are uncertain of the fairly well
understood responses that the human body has to nearly dying. Near death,
the human brain releases stores of chemicals that are normally released
slowly in stressful or exciting situations. When this happens, people have
reported everything from seeing a bright light and hearing grampa to
remembering things that they didn’t know they knew.
Outside of this fact, and that the different cultures of origin for people
seem to heavily impact the nature of these experiences, particularly in
what they here, see, or feel… This isolated incident seems to have been
something that every other human has missed. Subsequently, if I am allowed
to take one experience of any one person and use that to justify any belief
I have, than I can justify just about anything. Fuck it, give me 3
experiences, with 6 billion plus people alive now and a lot more dead, I’m
sure I could find that meager number of similar experiences to back up
whatever I want to.
This is why experiences don’t matter when you are making any points in a
larger scheme of a discussion. The human mind is incredibly easy to trick,
and because we experience reality through that – experiences don’t count
for shit.

Sworne Reborne says:

After years of seeking truth through science, media, schooling, news.
politics, text books, articles, journals, web sites, meditation, new age, I
figured the truth would set me free- if there was truly a God who wished to
save me, he would show himself to me right? Or at least want me to know
he’s real- so it just hit me “Ask Jesus if he exists” And I’ve been a
Christian ever since. 

Playzon says:

4:25 I died laughing.
Then suffered an NDE.

Leafed Frog says:

So he gets stung by a box jellyfish and hears voices in is head telling him
to continue surviving. He gives this credit to a God. I think that
hallucinations are very likely a side effect after being stung by a
jellyfish… 5 times! He then convinces himself during his hallucinations
that he must pray to God from his heart in order to survive. While he’s in
the hospital, he passes out into another hallucination. He then experiences
the popular socially reinforced versions of the afterlife.

The Darkness, White Light, God’s invite into Heaven, and a glimpse of
Heaven, which as he described is not in the bible. Something to think about
for his testimony is how he describes it fit’s perfectly with how the
social world views it. Contrast that with alien abduction stories. Alien
abductions were prevalent through out history, but the Grey, almond eyed
versions came after Roswell. Since then people who claim to have been
abducted describe the Roswell model of alien.

I also find it very convenient that God would show himself during a time of
his life where this mans judgement and reason is at it’s weakest and not
when he is in his clearest mindset.

Seth Baker says:

A lot of you atheists are committing the no true scotsman fallacy.

Wavy Dave says:

A.K.A. People who fell for the bullshit.

Guitcad1 says:

Why do I find none of this even remotely believable?

john hammond says:

The brain is an a amazing organ. I had a witch walk past the bottom of my
bed once.
But do I believe in witches now?

Benjamin Kwadey says:

To God Be The Glory .

ENCOUNTERS WITH GOD. Dear brethren, what am about to tell you is not
fiction or things I have imagined or created by myself to make you believe
God is real and The Only Truth we must all seek in the world. May The
Anointing of God fall upon you and anyone you share these testimonies with
as you read. Amen.
1. Three demons came into my room purposely to kill me around 2:00 am. I
became heavy in bed and could not move, but inside me I consistently
mentioned one name. Jesus. They fled away.
2. Three big crows gathered in the air in my house at 1:45 am and attempted
attacking me in front of our porch. The Bible tells me that who lives
inside me is greater than the one outside. I moved towards them as they
flew to me while praying. Half way through, the three crows ran away.
3. A colleague who had passed the age of giving birth confessed to me after
telling them about The Power of God that she could not give birth. I prayed
with her. Months after, she got pregnant and gave birth to twins.
4. I had a wrong call from a woman who couldn’t walk. I asked her if she
believed God can heal her. She said yes. I prayed with her. God instantly
healed this woman and began to walk.
5. My mother was losing her hearing. My family got so worried. I gave her a
seat and told her God will heal her. I said a silent prayer less one
minute. God healed her.
6. A bread seller who used to come to our work place to sell bread that I
always told him about God. He told me one day he was feeling headache. He
said he doesn’t tell people when he is sick but something prompted him to
tell me to pray for him. I prayed for Him. He confessed to me that he felt
some cold sensation fell on him from up and passed through him and got
healed instantly. He even suggested to me to establish a church so he could
assist me.
7. Someone gave me warning to cut my messages short I sent to him on
whatsup because he is a mechanic and didn’t have time to read them. I was
home one day when I had a call from him. He asked me if I am really sure it
is acting God wants me to do. He confessed to me that anytime he gets time
to read these messages I send him about God, he feels something strong move
inside him. He said I should think about it if I want to build a church and
he is ready to support me but I shouldn’t worry.
8. God fueled my Opel car when I had a shortage of fuel.
9. I used my Opel car for three days when my car was on red.
10. God fueled my JEEP, from keta to Accra.
11. My director was leaning on one leg after work. I told him to remove his
shoes and that God will heal him. I prayed with him. He came back the
following day walking normal and very excited about what God did for him.
12. A Muslim lady, told me on whatsup in one night that she was sick. I
asked her what was wrong with her; she said she could not walk because she
had a cut on one leg. I told her Jesus will heal her. I called and prayed
with her. She confessed to me in the morning that she can walk on her leg
now. I sent her my preaching audio on whatsup. She said she cried after
listening to the audio. I asked her if she will like to give her life to
Christ. she said yes. She gave her life to Christ. I gave her some
quotations to read in The Bible. She said to me after reading, that she is
beginning to enjoy reading The Bible already.
13. My sis. confessed to me that the husband didn’t have the ability to
impregnate a woman. I took my guitar, sat under a tree played it in tears
and prayed for them. Months after my sis called me from outside the country
that she is pregnant. Months later she told me she was at the hospital in
the process of giving birth. God is real.
14. Someone stole my watch from school who denied he had my watch. I prayed
and he sent someone to bring me back the watch.
15. A friend stole my radio. I prayed and the person confessed and brought
the radio back.
16. A cousin stole my camera I prayed and fasted, he confessed and I got my
camera back .
17. Someone stole my phone, from work, I told my colleagues at work that
the person will bring the phone back. I prayed about it. The person
confessed and brought the phone back.
18. someone called me one day after I had gone to teach acting. He said ”I
don’t call people because of God, I don’t know why I should call you. Tell
me about God”. For about thirty minutes I told him who God is on phone.
When the call cut, I called him back. In a strong anxiety and shock he said
I should cut the call and that he would call me back but he will like to
quickly check something. Less than a minute he called me back to tell me,
that the units he had on the phone could not allow him to talk for that
long. He said he had about 0.50 peswas credit on the phone and when he
checked back, just a little credit was gone. We talked till we said good
bye to each other. God is real.
19. I preached to a 45 year old man at work who had never believed in his
life that God exist. I prayed for The Holy Spirit to teach how I should go
about it. He did. This man gave his life to Christ. His hands were visibly
shaking while giving his life to Christ.
20. I was teaching my students acting when I asked one boy by name Francis
to give me an answer to a question. He suddenly held his stomach out of
severe pain. I asked him what was wrong with him. He told me his stomach is
paining him. I asked the class who believed God can heal him. They all
raised their hands up because I always taught them about Faith in God aside
acting. Together we prayed for Francis and God healed him instantly.
21. A lady called me to tell me she was interested in acting. I quickly
sensed within my spirit that she was an agent of the devil and had been
sent purposely to sleep with me. One night she sent me a message on
whatsup. I avoided her but The Holy Spirit prompted me to preach to her. I
had a chat with her, immediately I mentioned God’s name, she said I should
put God aside and talk about acting. I said no. I will talk about God and
talk about acting later. She said to me ” IT IS TOO LATE”. I told her
that by the time I finish talking to her, she will give her life to Christ.
As we chat, she stopped writing back after a while. I called her on the
phone and she was crying. She confessed to me, she was bisexual, she sleeps
with anybody and Great pastors of God who had tried changing her, she ends
up sleeping with them. She said she had aborted many children without
knowing their fathers. etc. She gave her life to Christ. Today she is going
to church and spreading the Gospel.
22. My colleague had a boil under his armpit, I prayed for him. I spoke to
the boil to burst to let the liquid come out. God healed him. He came back
to work, told me the boil got burst and the liquid came out.
23. A lady called me in the night, told me she had been bleeding for 7
months and had asthma as well. I drove to her house in the night. She was
seriously sick and coughing. To God Be The Glory. I spoke to the sickness
in the name of Jesus. She is healed now and free from that tormentor.
24. My niece had a serious chronic headache I didn’t know about. She came
to live with us. One day about 2:00 am she got up crying. My sister got so
worried because she said she had been buying medicines to cure that chronic
sickness. This child niece’s temperature was very high (very hot). The Holy
Spirit told me, ” You pray for people, what about this child ” I took her
to my room and prayed for her. As I prayed for her, I felt her temperature
with a speed dropped down to normal.
25. Just yesterday 26th August, 2014, I was at work when a senior colleague
received a call that her house was on fire. She got so confused and almost
everybody was confused and sad. I was so calm I walked to the corner of our
rehearsal hall and prayed for the woman for God to send angels to go and
quench the fire. When she was leaving for the house I told her she should
not get worried but God was in control. This morning at work, when the
issue was raised by a colleague, I told them that nothing had happened to
that house. He insisted that the house had burnt to ashes. I told him that
we should wait for the woman to come and that she will bring a good report.
I saw her this morning and asked her about the incident. She was smiling.
She said people came into the house and quenched the fire before she got
home. I asked her if any of her property got burnt. She said no. only some
of the wires got burnt. God is indeed real and Jesus is The final Truth.
26. My sister had a serious problem from returning home from Europe. This
was a spiritual problem. She confessed of her serious financial challenges
with the family. I prayed and God instantly revealed to me who was behind
the problem. I told my sis what to do immediately. I prayed for her and
told other Christian friends to support me with prayer. Two weeks later, I
called my sis and asked her ” whatsup sis. ?” With a smile she said ”
Don’t worry Ben, I am coming home. Everything is in the right position
now”. She did come down with all here four children. God is Alive.
27. God has saved me from many Car accidents. I can’t number them. But let
me tell you one of them. I was driving my Opel one day when I heard my
exhausted pipe dragging on the floor, when I was close to a junction. I
packed the car to fix it. In the process of fixing it, I head a sound ahead
with people rushing towards the junction. I asked someone who came from
that direction and it was a serious car accident. A car had run into
someone’s house at the junction and turned side way. Jesus is real.
28. I was poisoned by a lady when I was young. God saved me out it. Today
the girl is mad.
29. Death was pronounced on a relation that he would die. The mother was a
fetish priestess who died, followed by the dad and the next person would be
his turn to die. I went to the house, called all of them and told them
about the Power of God. I prayed with them and decided to sleep in the
house so I could pray with them at 2:00 am before I leave. I prayed for the
Holy Spirit to call me at 2:00 am before I slept. I had an attack but won
the battle. At 1:55 am God called me. I prayed with them. By His grace the
brother is still alive.
30. Someone who had a god from INDIA told me and my friends he will kill us
in 1998 because we talked about him. My friends were scared. I prayed and
interceded on their behalf. We are still living up to now.
31. I was called one night by my elder sis after I had directed a play at
church. She said that my mum was seriously sick and had been rushed to the
hospital. My cousin picked me to the hospital. When we got there they had
just arrived. I went into the taxi and prayed for her. She was close to
death. She couldn’t speak. She couldn’t move any part of her body. When we
were leaving the hospital I prayed for her again with my cousin. I came
home and had a chat with God again. God healed my mum.
32. I preached to a lady who slept with men before she could feed herself.
She gave her life to Christ. God gave her a job and a man who got married
to her.
33. My family was broke. No food to eat. I prayed and cried unto The Lord.
I left home without knowing where I was going but returned home with food
and money worth Ghc1,000 Ghana cedis.
Dear brethren these are just small part of the Testimonies God who Created
Heavens and the Earth has given me and still giving me. I might go on and
on and on and on. Will you like to come Christ to have all these benefits
and more from God? If you will, I am ever ready to help you and guide you
to God. He is so real, He is so real, He so real. Just send a message and I
will be there to answer your questions and lead you to God by The help of
The Holy Spirit.

GodRemixed says:

There is nothing in there that indicates that this man lacked a belief in
god. It sounds like he was a Christian from the start.

Is this video supposed to convert atheists? Some guy got stung by a
jellyfish and was incredibly delirious, therefore god…

Steve Smith says:

With our Mighty Lord Jesus everything is possible. We need to humble
ourselves to him and ask for the deliverance of all our sins and ask him to
come into your heart. Depart from evil and do good. The Fire of the Holy
Ghost has Great Power to break all chains of bondage in your life. He will
bless you in everything you do. Pray, read the bible and praise him daily
to nurture your soul daily. Jesus loves you very much. Let the Great Fire
of the Holy Ghost with Unlimited Power enter your life. Behold, Jesus comes

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