Atheist College Professor dies and sees hell and demons – it changed his life – Pt 1

Atheist College Professor dies and sees hell and demons – it changed his life – Pt 1

This is the testimony of college professor and atheist Howard Storm who while on vacation in Paris France had a perforation in his stomach and died. He had a…



Ty Butler says:

Atheist professor dies and goes to hell. Comes back by thr grace of God
through Jesus Christ. 

christian kinuani says:

if you want to know about god read the bible king james . being a muslim
wont save jesus is the only way to heaven only christians is true

Hazem Aziz says:

If you want evidence that god exists, read quran and just think, how could
someone know something before it was discovered with about 2000 years! So
he must be the creator of that thing, and off course it wouldn’t be a
human, so we can transparently declare that god exists and we owes him
prayers for our souls. 

kellyasp52 says:

WOW, The French left him to die because he was an American. He was in
Paris, France, not a 3rd world country. None of the surgeons wanted to do
the surgery. What a very disgusting society.

ChemicalNerd100 says:

This guy was not a true athiest ever. If he was he would not be afraid of
death. He wiuld know that death is a natural part of the life cycle and
that the bad thing about dieing isn’t your life end because any athiest
would know when you die it is like before you were born it was the fact he
would leave behind a mourning family.

Jason Nunn says:

My poor 24YO stepson had a terrifying near-death experience last year.

He indulged his ex-fiancée’s S&M fantasies to the extent of being cuffed to
the bed with a ball gag in his mouth- but she then got ‘bored’ & left him
there! I called at his house 2 days later, after his work colleagues became
concerned as to his whereabouts. He needed hospital treatment for cuts &
dehydration, but the DA seems reluctant to prosecute a ‘domestic incident’.

Don’t know if he saw ‘Heaven’ at all.

Suvi S says:

God Jesus loves u Mr.Hankeyy

Littlehands91 says:

Fools from all around right here in one part of the internet explaining how
one is right, and the other is wrong. If you believe what you believe then
believe it, but how little faith do you have in yourself, and what you
believe to have to slander, and hate one another. I personally believe
there must be a soul because of scientific experiments in the past, and I
also believe that there must a form of creator, or possibly a God. I mean
existence did not always exist did it? or maybe it did. Either way i am not
going to call you fools for believing differently, but I will call you
fools for failing to see the real enemy. The real enemy is division. It
seems to be what humanity is good at, and it is why there are wars, and
problems in this world, because humanity just can’t seem to quite accept
each other, but instead the individual wishes for everyone to believe like
them. lol. What a stupid world we live in.

Jackeline Paneto says:

Its amazing how God works. Hes so merciful! He gives us opportunities to

Seek the LORD while he may be found; call on him while he is near. Let the
wicked forsake his way and the evil man his thoughts. Let him turn to the
LORD, and he will have mercy on him, and to our God, for he will freely
pardon. For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my
ways, declares the LORD. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are
my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. (Isaiah

Jehova is power and He loves us He just don’t love our sin. REMEMBER we
choose our own destiny. He doesn’t send us to hell we do by not following
His commandments and choosing the pagan pathway of life.

If your gay, pagan, atheist, etc… REMEMBER THEIRS TIME FOR REPENT! Theirs
always going to be that little voice in your head saying “God isn’t real
and He will never forgive you even if he is.” But ofcourse as the devil
knows his time is near he want to take many of you to the lake of fire for
eternity.! GOD LOVES YOU LOVE HIM BACK! GOD BLESS! KILL the flesh and live
for HIM!!!!!!! <3

MrHankeyy . says:

I don’t believe in God. I believe that everyone is a god. Oh and I’m also
gay. So Christianity would banish me to hell either way. No point in
believing in it for me.

will taczak says:

I believe in God because I was dead once took 367 pills which the amount of
mg 400mg each is enough to kill a full grown adult I’m16 I should of stayed
dead they claimed me dead I was dead for 10 mins then I woke up I have no
memory of what happen but I’m sorry that’s a miracle

melissasw64 says:

This just makes me know that Obamacare isn’t going to work. 8-10 hours
with no medication!?

Jeremiah Quahog says:

Let me write you a prescription for John Lennox.

Mufflemonsta009 says:

How on earth is the existence of the universe proof of the existence of a
deity? That’s probably the worst argument I have ever heard. Pointing at
something and saying God dunnit does not make it so, especially when we are
learning through science the nature of the universe, the way in which it
was formed, and how it will eventually end. There is no evidence that
miracles or the supernatural exist outside religious imagination…..and
what do you mean by ‘before its too late’?

Ioan Danut Ovidiu says:

Lack of evidence?Trough out history there have been dizilions of people
like you asking for evidence.I dont know,Id say the universe itself is
enough,or miracles,supernatural experiences,and so on.What I mean by
arrogance is that most atheists think they are automatically better,smarter
or w/e than christians,because they dont believe.I hope you are not like
that.Wish you all the best in finding the evidence you need to
believe.Just,find it before its too late.

Ioan Danut Ovidiu says:

Yea.Lack of evidence..that is funny^^

Ioan Danut Ovidiu says:

Yea.Lack of evidence..that is funny^^.

Ioan Danut Ovidiu says:

Yea.Lack of evidence..that is funny^^.

Ioan Danut Ovidiu says:

Yea.Lack of evidence..that is funny^^.

Ioan Danut Ovidiu says:

Yea.Lack of evidence..that is funny^^.

Robert Trev says:

jesus will never leave or forsake anyone even if they are atheists,
wiccans, pagans, or non believers.

Mufflemonsta009 says:

Wait. So let me get this straight. Living your life by logic and common
sense, makes you arrogant? Also if someone were to think they are better
than God, basically is working with the assumption that God exists. It is
not like Atheists know God exists and are just ignoring him all the time
like you would ignore a temperamental and irritating child. Atheists are
operate with the logical conclusion that there is NO GOD due to a lack of

Ioan Danut Ovidiu says:

A arrogant path?a ”I am better than God,because I dont want to understand
the bible path?” you know.Like most atheist do.

Mufflemonsta009 says:

What is a ‘luciferan path’?

Ioan Danut Ovidiu says:

I see.Well,continue your luciferan path,with logic and common sense:) have
a good day.

Anthony Terry says:

It’s sad seeing all the comments. Believers and non alike….

Mufflemonsta009 says:

Been what way?

Mufflemonsta009 says:

what sins?

Mufflemonsta009 says:

Probably logic, and common sense.

Mufflemonsta009 says:

Then the bible is an immoral and evil book

Ioan Danut Ovidiu says:

Well,who is stoping you to accept Jesus and divinity in your life?

RappersFavoriteMusic says:

Then your god is a fucking dick because it is only how people are raised if
i was raised Christian i bet i would believe so but no so it is just unfair.

kazas baza says:

We Must repent of our sins

Mick Scarborough says:

such bull

Mick Scarborough says:

Then your god is an asshole

Bonnie says:

In church my pastor says that all hell is is gods love.People who don’t
accept it feel it as pain and fire.

MrMistergamealot says:

If god loves people so much why does he burn us forever?!

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