Angelica Zambrano (23 Hours Dead) Visits Heaven & Hell (with English voice-over)

Angelica Zambrano (23 Hours Dead) Visits Heaven & Hell (with English voice-over)

For a period of 23 hours, a young Ecuadorian girl named Angelica was shown the Kingdoms of Heaven and Hell, and the Return of Christ. She witnessed Jesus wee…



omegaptbll says:

This is not only a vivid testimony of how real heaven & hell is, but also a warning for rightious people to seek God for salvation…before it’s too late….This is way beyond what science can explain.

Rachel Williams says:

i needed this…seriously. this is beautiful. i can really see my father’s heart. i love you, jesus. you got me.

M Wilburn says:

This is a beautiful testimony. What a privilege to actually see the holy spirit and angels. I’m so glad that the holy spirit lives inside of me. It is such a privilege.

sharon Bear says:

Wow this is so scarey… I know the Lord but I dont follow.. but I am going to give my life to him and serve him for the rest of my life

Patria Fernandez says:

This is real I was help by Jesus.

Jalone Woods says:

Glory to your name God.

emyluvcutie123star says:

9 dislikes is being dragged by Lucifer


THIS IS AWESOME!! God is really getting the message going out to the WORLD!!! It’s time to REPENT!! TAKE THE MESSAGE AND GIVE YOUR LIFE TO CHRIST! BELIEVE, all of hell does.

jamal7911 says:

I believe and I will have to chose a side…lord plz help me I don’t wanna regret my decion

Victoria Jackson says:

it is so real people in hell dies every day and Jesus gets people a message around this is REAL

Shannon Dryneck says:

I am a Catholic and I believe it. So don’t judge people by their religion 😛

lravenhill says:

i bet catholics would not believe the pope is in hell if christ himself told them

2013tweetyboo says:

Powerful , I’ll will never look at this world the same !

MrOngo650 says:

Is this real ?

Arthur Haro says:

The Word of God never changes, everything has to be according to the Word, the Lord is not a God of confusion, anyone that says or preaches a different Gospel, and say stuff that is not according to the Holy Bible, is a liar and needs to repent, or else you’ll end up in this place call hell, hell is real no doubt about it! but the gifts of the Holy Spirit are real too, specially the gift of discernment!! Blessings to all, Christ is the only way, and the Word is God’s only revelation to all.

Sheek Organics says:

Absolutely amazing..powerful…those who have an ear to hear

burmanpoem says:

My God my God

Clarisse McKassiah says:

God please make me holly

mikedatruth1 says:

This clip. really make u look at life differently


wow :O

funnybunnysillyw says:

hey! my granny was talking about this to me and i was like wow

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