Amazing grace !! a wounded healer’s testimony

Amazing grace !! a wounded healer’s testimony

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST BEFORE COMMENTING BELOW !! Hello! Thanks for watching my testimony. I became born again in January 2014 after years of seeking for tru…



truthmefree says:

God has blessed you & now your blessing others. Amen brother! Keep it up!

Thanks for watching and for the kind words! 

Edelsteen says:

Hallelujah! Hartelijk bedankt 🙂 My written Dutch isn’t too great. For the
first part of the video I was feeling quite connected with some analogies
you used, like the puzzle pieces. I used to be stuck in the new age but I
also saw really creepy things in my search for truth that scared me.

I disobeyed God two days ago when He told me to pray for my professor who
was limping because I was scared and I didn’t act. It’s been going on for
months, this deep sense that I need to go up to strangers and pray for
them, but I tend to be quite shy in public. God bless you!

Marissa Schleman says:

Wow! What a beautiful testimony and very well explained. So happy to have
been able to see this Pesach :-)

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