Absolute Proof For The Afterlife Or Life After Death!!

Absolute Proof For The Afterlife Or Life After Death!!

Absolute Proof For The Afterlife Or Life After Death!! (You can translate the captions into your own language) This video was prepared by Lisa Haven, and exp…



Planet Zion says:

For those who are still skeptical about the afterlife or life after death,
I will strongly recommend that you take a look at this published scientific


It contains a report done by Dr. Sam Parnia, an assistant professor at the
State University of New York, called the “AWARE (AWAreness during
REsuscitation) Study,” which was completed just last year. This is the
largest scientific study of its kind on this phenomenon and seems to
confirm that the Near-death experience (NDE) phenomenon is real:




This report was published on the prestigious medical journal called
“Resuscitation.” The report is completely legit and has been peer-reviewed
by experts in the medical and scientific field. More work needs to be done,
however, this initial study seems to certainly lend credence to idea that
our soul (conscience) survives the death process. I strongly recommend that
you read it because it documents a remarkable story of a man who saw

Planet Zion says:

For those more interested in scientific proofs for life after death then
feel free to go to this article:


I provide scientific, testimonial and biblical evidence for the afterlife

bizmark D says:

I know people who have left their body during surgery. They have no reason
to lie, and hallucination seams unlikely given the perspective of what they
were seeing – themselves being operated on. I am pretty skeptical but I
hate those professional skeptics who simply dismiss every NDE as something
simple like a dream or hallucination. It’s so dismissive and quite

I Surrender says:

Thank you for sharing this brother, it’s a wonderful video. I hope and pray
this will touch the hearts of many and that they maybe encouraged and
inspired to start their journey and surrender their life to our LORD Jesus

jay jesu says:

jesus only can save from hell

Planet Zion says:

Is there an #afterlife? Is there a #Heaven and a #Hell? Does the
supernatural realm exist? Here is the proof!

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