3-Year-Old Remembers Past Life & Identifies His Murderer

3-Year-Old Remembers Past Life & Identifies His Murderer

A young boy remembers a past life “reincarnation” he had where he was murdered. The 3-year old correctly identified the spot he was buried, the village he was from, and the murderer. Is this…



Buy N' Large™ says:

So if we are reincarnations, and the world population increases where do
the extra lives come from?

Strange Mysteries says:

+Shannon Constance

Here’s the one about reincarnation…that got quite a bit of controversy.

Larry Bundy Jr says:

It’s a nice story, but way too many weasel words, No specifics
whatsoever, no names, places, nothing…

EnderArcher12 says:


Scorp308 says:

I call BS! The photo of the skeleton is of Richard III who was found in

Sylvester08 says:

That’s simply impossible, he has a new brain which means that he gots no
dialect of his past life 

AwesomeRaffi27 says:

fake fake fake fake fake. Anyone who believes reincarnation is real, is
wrong. It doesn’t exist. It’s NOT possible in any way. Try to disprove me,
but your brain CANNOT remember stuff it hasn’t experienced. 

Wesley K says:

I hope i never have to come back to this disgusting piece of shit planet
(tnx to humans). 

gobo760 says:

Why does everyone interpret this kind of stuff as “reincarnation”? The
human brain is a computer. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that
some of those computers have WiFi capability, allowing memories to transfer
from one person to another to another, no different from a virus… until
it gets to someone who can interpret the information.

Jean Gedeon says:

Maybe you are seeing the visions of your ancestor? 

Olivia Cornish says:

+Leoni Moorhouse A bit creepy but could have easily been set up…

Robert Coolman says:

Bullshit video, fake as fuck, Gods not real and if u say he is then get a
life please as your just wasting time and effort for a twat who isnt real!!

Darryl Jordan says:

I think that people are making excuses and denying reincarnation because
they are seriously afraid point blank!

PuRPLeTuTa says:

so where the hell is the boy…. not some pic off google

Mr. Inappropriate says:


*Earlier **this year** last year, A 3-year-old boy in the Golan Heights
region near the border of Syria and Israel said he was murdered with an axe
in his previous life. Ok, so what? Children claim to have memories of
silly things all the time, and are known for playing with their imaginary
friends, right? But here is where it gets weird.*

*h/t* http://bit.ly/1EgOGp2

Bob Lenon says:

*”Like Energy, Consciousness Cannot Be Created Or Destroyed.” – from page 2
of ~~The Present~~ at TruthContest♥Com*

Kuroi Pingu says:

If reincarnation WAS real then my past life must of meant I was shot or
stabbed in the right thigh and back. Nice. :3

Oliver Henderson says:

I reckon his dad killed a guy with an axe and buried it but then he had a
kid.. when this kid got to 3 he couldnt tale the guilt anymore so he made
his kid tell this fake story so that people would find the body and axe and
go along with the story of the dead dude but not know that it was his
dad… no idea who the guy who pleaded guilty was..

Leonardo Da Vinci says:

thats utter bullshit, im from a village called Majdal Shams in the Golan
heights and we’ve never heard of such thing, if it was true this would be
all over the news and everyone in the area would be talking about it

Ryan Curnow says:

Reincarnation does not exist.

spiddygy says:

The problem with these videos is that some are a total fabrication of lies,
while some have a few truths in them. This however doesn’t change the fact
that people are being reborn and living same life over and over without
ever knowing. Reincarnation is true, but always explained in very crude
terms. There is no such thing as people going to heaven when they die, or
going to hell, the earth itself is hell, with all kinds of unattractive
characters. It’s a prison, and Mankind was sent here to die, condemned to
suffer for eternity. They removed this part in the Christian Doctrines
which are actually amazing to read. If you are interested you could search
for the Apocrypha of John. Religions are a fabrication of Myths, mysteries,
lies and a few truths which makes them very convincing. But the truth is
sometimes not hard to see. For instance, when you read the Bible you will
see that it doesn’t tell us who God is, who is Satan and who is the son of
Man, who is man etc. It consists of a Creation story that is incomplete and
very confusing. also it isn’t hard to realize that even though Christ
walked with a group of followers, only 3 or 4 testimonies exist. 75% of New
testament comes from Paul. and very little have been recorded from the
actual Christ. so question is what happened to the rest. Also you find
Books like Matthew and Mark, also Luke are not written by the actual
Characters but someone else did. These are things that many people hardly
see or question.
You have a Christian Religion without Christ, meaning His Father isn’t in
it. and from reading the Revelation by John and others, reincarnation is
such a bad thing to happen to someone, yet an opportunity for one to redeem
himself or herself, yet without ever learning the truth and embracing it,
one cannot escape. They also say this existence is death itself not life.

chala salisbury says:

Here is a very logical explanation. A demon spirit who had actually entered
a man’s body and committed the murder, entered the 3 year old and of course
could relay all details. The Bible says it is for man once to die and after
that the judgement.o Hebrews 9:27. It is time for all to take a serious
look at the Lord Jesus Christ. Your life depends on you making the right
choice. Jesus *heaven. No to Jesus and His sacrifice for our sin nature and
sin* hell. The only place where God is not

MajesticBrahmarshi says:

Meh meh meh …… Forget about these foolish Abrahamic religions
(Catholicism, Christianity, Islam), come to the Eastern
religions/philosophy (Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Jainism, Sikhism,

This news just confirms what we Guru’s have been saying for millenniums. 

Olive Tunde Nadia Mends-Cole says:

Wow! Interesting story. Nothing is impossible for God coz he’s the creator
of all things. I believe that God give second chances to people bt we also
have to be very careful coz sometimes familiar spirit uses our mind n fool
us to make things look real. I lost my boyfriend September 13, 2014 on my
birthday eve bt every night I dreamed of him telling me that he’s nt dead
bt he went somewhere to rest n will be back soon so I shouldn’t cry or
worry n I had hope on that all along hoping n praying everyday, looking
through the window at night and early in the morning thinkin that he’s nt
dead because I love him so so much that I fail to accept that he’s gone
forever. So this is really easy to believe n hard to understand bt the
devil is busy. Only God hav the power to make understand these tragedy…..

Tom Brooker says:

How is this possible when the two people have different brains and memory’s

bakhtiar mohammadzadeh says:

Can i ask something of you guys on YouTube?
Are you real? How do you know? For all i know everything i
see and perceive only materializes as i see them and sense them (hear, feel
and taste not like that weird sensing thing). So regarding this point what
do these stories mean to me? Or to you viewers if you are even real. Think
about it . How do you understand what is happening to you? Your brain
manipulates the information you receive from your senses. We understand the
world around us as information, but in our minds and perception would what
is real and what your mind conjures up as real be any different? Our minds
have the amazing ability to create, to perceive what is not there.
Imagination. This tool or ability could be so easily used to fool even
Think back, remember a dream where you had almost no idea that
it was a dream but instead thought it was a harsh reality or a very good
one. My point is as i am typing this i am trying to understand and unravel
the mystery of reality but i simply cannot because i am limited to my brain.
If you are in fact real and not a figment of my imagination
realize these facts and try to view the world in a better way.

vida bela says:

how can you posibly remember where you where buried? you already dead.

Lenin Vladimir says:

How strange that in all this footage, not a specific single name or public
news report are mentioned. Not once.

andras lajko says:

My fun theory is that humans by nature are destructive and we’re actually
just computer viruses and our objective is to destroy the planet and

We evolve and survive pretty much anything nature can throw at us and we
tear it up! Hell we tear it up so bad we don’t only bring down everything
around us but our fellow humans as well. It’s almost like were the perfect
virus… Were so destructive that we would even destroy ourselves in the
process of destruction therefore never being proof of our existance.
Also i’m just lolin around guys havin fun makin a theory. I don’t actually
believe this but it could be somewhat a solid theory lol

Juli Kitty fireworks says:

What the hell does he mean by “past life!” And reincarnation? I thought
when you die you either go to heaven or hell and stay there forever!

Aquila Gustave says:

How did he know where he was buried when he was already dead before he was
buried??? I don’t get that part…. and how did he see where the ax was
buried when he was 6 feet under.

Slvl says:

The sources are great.

Jennifer Aviles says:

Nope Nope Nope listened til the first sentence where a door was opening and
yelled nope and I’m going to exit. I get scared easily ppl 

Chloe Soto says:

Yes because god gives us life if we are good and ready but if we are bad we
go back up to heaven.so if someone dies like Paul walker for instentns he
is in another body and living another life.

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