16 Amazing Supernatural Stories of people who saw Life after the grave.

16 Amazing Supernatural Stories of people who saw Life after the grave.

Hear the awesome accounts of 16 different people, who were eyewitnesses of the supernatural, and saw Life after the grave.



Patrick Saxon says:

If atheists saw this video, they would remind all of you that there is no
such God that exist and no fantasy world called heaven. So get back into
reality, this child was lying to all of you as no such place exist. So get
educated! The bible is false as there is no real documents, no proof or
evidence to back up the bible. 

TheJanka51 says:

this goes against everything the bible says 

Patrick Saxon says:

No child can see heaven, as he has no religious experience to determine if
it was really heaven. It could had been a parallel world or even hell. No,
this was pure fantasy as many atheists would call it. 

Deouna Jagne says:


Alban Shaqolli says:

Propaganda or real? Who knows….

Kristi Oliphant says:

about a year ago i suffered cardiac arrest and was clinically dead for 5
minutes and didnt experience anything but complete darkness for what felt
like a few seconds than i was awake. i wander what that means?

HungerGames Fangirl says:

I’m scared…

Fuqu Pal says:

The valium didn’t kill him. What sent him to the other side was the combo
of alcohol and valium

Dean Wolslagel says:

wtf is this? oh wait this is evil reglion taking over again

Jennifer Jao says:

I had nde after suffering from anaphylaxis. I got blind first then died. I
heard lots of voices surrounding me. Suddenly, the voices stop, the wind
blew and someone said “Jesus”.Then I came back to life again. My God has
saved me. 

Sandy Louise Hickman-Holliday says:

This video deserves 1000 thumbs up. GOD is so good! I’m pretty jealious
though, becuz GOD has never showed me a vision like any of these
people; But GOD has saved my life so many times. I have never had a NDE
but GOD has answered all my prayers. I love JESUS so much♥

ZerovoreZ Zen says:

Fuck the bible. Fuck your god and your lord and your christ. Brainwashed
fear mongering peckerheads. There is no life after death. Your brain
shuts down and you cease to exist. Billions before you have taken the same
dirt nap. And so will you and I.

Waldo Schmedley says:

the white christians don’t like me because I am a Meskin born in the US,
now isn’t that Christlike?

Emily Perry says:

I need help please. Im an atheist but I’m not sure. I need someone to
confide in and talk to. I’ve cut myself and attempted suicide. I wanna
believe in God because Im miserable and I see all these people who believe
in him and they’re happy. If there are any Christians out there who I can
talk to, please message me on Facebook (Emily Perry) I don’t know how to
post a link or anything but if you find me, please message me. I have red
and black hair so… maybe you’ll find me

Edmond Dantez says:

These people were actually in the grave? Didn’t think so.

prep bee says:

Interesting. Love the real-life stories. No reason to lie, in my opinion.

Eridu Sirius says:


darksouljier says:

the mind is very powerful…people will believe in whatever comforts them
in a time of need…funny how one cannot just look at a situation and know
that it is just mere coincidence…not everything in life has a complicated
answer…some things are quite simple…and most of the people who think
they believe in god dont really believe…that is why they are constantly
attributing everything good that happens in their life to his
existence…that is also why they get so mad when someone tells them to
stop believing in santa for adults…noone wants to think that they might
be wrong about something they have been believing in and living for their
whole life…they arent trying to convince others of his existence…they
are trying to convince themselves…

RiRi Sing says:

I think this video is really cool and now im not afraid to die unless i go
to hell

aparajita bhattacharjee says:

prayer repentance love…

tabiade says:

i feeel sorry for those of you who dont think god exists when there are so
many signs i dont hate peopel that dont believe but jesus loves every body
and thats what he taught his disciples jesus is comming back christians
are not idiots heaven is real god is real everybody will know that jesus is
lord, if you just say lord god forgive me of all my sins and i accept you
as lord and saviour he WILL answer your prayer no maatter who you are give
it a try and im sure you will not be disappointed jesus knows how to help
god is the heavenly father no one or nothing is greater than god there is
no such thing as purgatory jesus is real

Atheist Steven says:

how ridiculos (they sould try 20 years later when medical advancmace wil be
beter .with a brain test to find out wich part of the brain is the problem
) logic PEACE 

Jason Salvator says:

This is all fake these people do this for publicity.

peter johnson says:

Atheists live and think according to their philosophy. Ok, but
unfortunately this often means that their minds are closed to the
possibility of other dimensions. It’s a bit like someone living in a
cardboard box who believes that nothing can exist outside the box simply
because they haven’t experienced anything else. A refusal to even consider
other possibilities suggests that they would feel threatened if they had to
confront other realities. Rather like ancient sailors who thought they
would fall off the edge of the world (as the horizon would visually
suggest), if they sailed too far from what they could see.

Giovanni Chiossone says:

GOD IS REAL does who follow god path wonderful things would happen in your
life have faith in god and believer and worship him:] i love god

Orville Clarke says:

are atheists ‘all knowing?!’ If they’re not, then it would be wisdom
for them to exercise caution about things of the spiritual. 

Renee Marks says:

I’ve had some amazing Spiritual encounters myself and this is real.

Dice Melone says:

Those 123 people havnt accepted jesus into their lives 

Shawlin Gregg says:

amazing praise god

noah soriyao camposano says:

i love god and jesus and my sister god is cool and jesus i love you god and
jesus even my sister

Karen Arnold says:

What I don’t understand is why would Carl be given a second chance, whilst
those who he saw in hell did not? ( or did they and they did not
respond?,seeing as hell is such a horrible place, I cannot imagine anyone
not calling out to Jesus, or responding to Him !
) I am always wondering about those who experienced such a dreadful
ordeal, and were saved. I hope someone can give me a explanation. 

gil vaz says:

i dont have a bank account. i currently have $1.10 cents to my name but God
our father keeps providing for me OVER AND OVER AGAIN. the other day i had
a deadline and looked into the mirror and said God i dont know where your
gonna get the money this time but you know i need it. I was so sad because
I had to pay something very important that day. Within a few minutes the
$200 was put in my hand by a loved one. I couldnt believe it.. So all day
at work i praised God and thanked him for the blessing. I thanked him for
taking care of me. Later that night while having dinner with my wife I
began to speak of the blessing that God gave me and how happy I was. After
praising her and God she said well I know you have been struggling to get
your drivers license back. The cost was $950 plus $120 to reinstate my
license. My wife does not have a car so she walked to the bank to speak to
the manager. The bank manager gave her a new credit card and she presented
it to me over dinner. She said now u can get your license tomorrow. I
couldnt believe it. The card was for $800 but when we charged it, not only
did the $950 go through but the $120 also went through. We had an available
balance of one penny at the end of the day. I got my license back !!!!
these are just two examples of how God keeps providing for me. God is so
amazing. Respect him in your heart, do what he says and obey. God Bless
you all.. 

Sandy Louise Hickman-Holliday says:

I am truly amazed at what the loaders of such a holy video allows to stay
on his page. 

Alexander Alex says:

I like this vid, but a few things make me think…huh? As far as I know,
it’s not possible to shock people who actually flat-line back to life with
a defibrilator. That seems to be the stuff of Hollywood dramas and not at
all realistic, but then I’m not a doctor. Any medical professionals here
who can clear that up?

Also, Jesus wouldn’t have “markers” in the palms of his hands. Nails were
put through the wrists during a crucifixion, and not through the palms as
often depicted. It’s details in these stories like this that make me doubt
them, even as a Christian.

Priscilla Villegas says:

I love this and I love god 

Sandy Epstein says:

Wow glad I saw it 5 stars

Abigail Gerald says:

And Patrick Saxon, I’d like to see u prove that God is Not real. I suggest
u watch the movie God’s not dead, or at least the preview, or figure out
exactly what it is about.

daniel isaboss says:

You probably didn’t die you probably fell asleep or faded kristi oliphant

U Roll SKATE says:

I beleive it cause a freind of my parents nearly died and saw heaven

Vincent Hermes says:

Yeeeaahhh of course christians see Jesus and the Heaven and Angels and i
dunno….WHY Jesus? Why not Buddha? Why not Allah? Why not anything else?
Why Jesus everytime if Jews were there first and only christians are most
common in western civilizations where media is present? That has no
supernatural reason.

universenikki says:

What religious propaganda!

YoungEducationUSA says:

It’s funny, normal people use drugs and have fun and live in peace for the
most part. Religious people use drugs and think they die and go to heaven
lol. Then wake up and tell everyone god told them to go to war in
Iraq…..Wait , well that was just Bush, but you get the point! lol

Susan Edwards says:


Shawlin Gregg says:

you will know when you die that your beliefs is false there is a god….

harry lawrence says:

if this is saying only christians will go to heaven then god is nothing
more then a unkind douch and its mean lucifer was right 

Eduardo Hernandez says:

Damn she must be special then all the other Christians if god just showed
himself to her instead of all the other millions of Christians that have

Floramie Gulle says:
$40,000/yr For every drug offender in prison. says:

Religious people use hallucinogenic drugs still? Listen druggy religious
people lol. These are effects of the drugs you use, you see god, heaven or
whatever because you put it there in your own mind. So if you didn’t spend
your entire life thinking about hell and torturing people for stupid crap
lol, then you probably wouldn’t have such a bad experience on them and then
think that god saved you from it lmao. It’s your mind, heart and
environment that effect the use of those types of drugs.

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